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The study of Joshua

Well, that was a bit of a tease wasn’t it?

I really did a Bible study of Joshua with a group of women, I just didn’t post it here. Most of the women in the group were not the online type. So, summer has arrived. The group has disbanded, for at least the summer. Shall I post some notes here? Or move on to something else? I was going to pick something else. I forgot completely about Joshua here. I don’t know if I kept my notes. I’ll have to check. We did Joshua and then moved on to I Peter. I know I have those notes. Or some of them anyway.


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We read about Joshua in the book of Joshua of course, but he first appears in the book of Numbers. He served under Moses. If you aren’t familiar with Joshua, read Numbers 13-14, 27:18-23, and Deuteronomy 34.

Before we study the book of Joshua, it’s good to quickly review what has happened before the book starts.

What do you remember of these people and events?


Creation – The Fall – The Flood – The Tower of Babel – Abram/Abraham – Sarah/Sarai – Lot – Esau and Jacob – Joseph


Baby Moses – The Burning Bush – Aaron – Pharoah – The 10 Plagues – Passover – The Red Sea – Mont Sinai – The 10 Commandments – The Golden Calf – The Tabernacle


The Offerings – Holy Days – Priests – Cleanliness – Holiness – Laws


Wandering in the Desert – Rebellions – Miriam and Aaron – Twelve Spies – Kadesh – Caleb – Joshua – Korah – Balaam


Moses’ Farewell

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Moving on…

… or backing up.

Our next Bible study will focus on the book of Joshua.

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