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I’m not a translator or a Bible expert, so I really can’t give advice about which translations are best.

I do know that I get a lot out of reading different translations. Sometimes I see something reading one translation that I never saw before reading other translations, and yet when I go back and look, it was there all along!

Not all translations are created equal though. Some are more literal than others. Some are easier to understand than others. Some try to translate as closely to word for word as possible and retain the meaning, others take a thought for thought approach, some seem to paraphrase.

 Zondervan has a good section with a lot of information about various translations. Since they publish the NIV and TNIV Bibles it’s not surprising that in their opinion these 2 Bibles strike the best balance the two poles of word for word and thought for thought translation. Still, I like their chart. I find it helpful.

They used to have more information about various versions, but they seem to have removed some of it. I’ll see what else I can find.


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